Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fashion Islamasized

Nailah with model/blogger Sahra of EffortlessCool. Them headpieces is straight BANGING! Amirah Creations. 
Photo Courtesy EffortlessCool.

If i've told you once i've told you a million times how much HEART we got for NPR. Always insightful and frequently full of surprises...where else would i learn about German Chancellor Merkel's direct line of communication with Italian chief of state about italy's economic woes (no small factor going around prime minister Burlisconi) and Brooklyn's Muslim fashion designer all in one breathe? Nailah Lymus' Amirah Creations--which debuted at NYFW this fall--promises a 50s inspired take on feminine style that's modest but relevant to twenty first century vavavoom. Fashion Islamasized, as she calls it.

Well. Any grown woman can tell you sexiness and true style have very little to do with bare skin. Here's to celebrating the true art of modest appeal...We just got Islamasized!

-posted by magogodi, nyc.

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