Friday, November 4, 2011

Brilliant AFROBoi Bands

Cabo Snoop shot in Jozzie. Image & Cool post Courtesy Chris Saunders.
FOKN BOIS. Photo Courtesy Jay Hill. 

BOI Bands.

Something must be inherently baked into our DNA that makes us swoon for the right mix of loud obnoxious lyrics, "Thank God We Are Not A Nigerian",
Bright outrageous getups--exhibit A to the left--and of course,
Cult-worthy cool swagger.

Just discovered the Boi Band FOKN BOIS, a london town based duo. "Expect anything and everything more from this raw, braggadocious, witty and eccentric super duo." And o, they thank the Lord they no a Nigerian.

Angolan kid Cabo Snoop moves like there is no connection between his pelvic bone and anything abdomenal. To appreciate his tune Windek, which blazed a ruckus frenzy through Jozzie when it aired on SABC this July, you have to see Cabo Snoop thumping his hips to Windek.

So what are you waiting for anyways? Grab them heels, splash on that beet-red blinding lipstick, BLAST them BOIS and act like it's Friday already!

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