Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hot Hip Highs

Hot Sh!zzle: Boxing Kitten & Osborn Collaboration
Thank the merciful and praise-worthy ancestors for Ms. Jabari who, in her infinite wisdom lead me to a seriously hot hip high this afternoon--Boxing Kitten. A vintage inspiration of bootylicious-blinging shorts (Beyonce/Solange/Alicia Keys among others have rocked Boxing Kitten) and dresses cut with a knife from vibrant West African wax block print fabric, Boxing Kitten is the brainchild of self-taught designentrepreneur + Wesleyan University alumnus (go 'head girl!) Maya Amina Lake. Seriously, the brand is hot and high on everything right about being hip and fluid across different worlds and understanding the inextricable link between seemingly incongruous cultural/design/lifestyle sensibilities.  And what shoes was Ms. Jabari wearing?  Osborns, naturally. Illest thing out of BKLYN eva. Eva. And Ms. Jabari being Ms. Jabari, homegirl gave me a full education on the design elegance and craftsmanship that goes into making each Osborn.  Ladies, fast fashion may have the satisfaction of microwave popcorn, but nothing outshines or outlives quality craftsmanship. To say I LOVE the design collaboration between Osborn and Boxing Kitten is like saying I New York City is a nice little town. Please. Bury me dead in those shoes!

Beyonce & Alicia Keys Rock Out Brazil in Boxing Kitten Fierce Factor Gear


  1. LoL! I'll just doll you up in them. Seriously. These shoes are LOVE. Have Feet. Am willing, ready+able. Will marry quite gladly:)