Monday, July 18, 2011

Madiba Magic

Beyond that Sailboat lies Robben Island. 

Have been haunted by the sight of Robben Island from the shores of die Kaap since getting here. Imagine. For more than 27 years that island was a blackened blight behind seafog. Today, it stands as a reminder for everything we can be as a nation of individuals. Celebrating Mandela's birthday today, I am inspired by the words of another powerful South African, Ferrail Haffajee. As the on-point City Press Editor challenges, "So you've achieved success, but how are you going to achieve significance?" Mandela teaches us the meaning of an individual's significance. Question is, how are you applying that lesson to your own life?


  1. Beautiful quote, Magagodi! All the world joined in wishing Nelson Mandela a happy birthday, and I thought of you, knowing you were there. See you soon -- New Haven pizza beckons...
    Andrea xxx

  2. Andrea! Thank you so much. And New Haven pizza is def worth a return:) Can't wait...