Saturday, July 16, 2011

CTFW: The Democratic Republic of Fashion

Danielle Margaux
It's not just that blogs have taught us something about the power of democratic fashion, it's also about how they've opened our eyes to how fashion comes alive at the hands of everyday style mavens who create a look of their own from the runway. Everyone from the exotic birds of purchased paradise that line the streets before a headline show Scott shoots (The Sartorialist) to Kimora Fabulosity Simmons (yup, she and hubby Djimon Hounsou showed CTFW madluv) and local Capetonians milling about at Cape Town Fashion Week seems to be saying something about the importance of fashion's relevance. Especially in this everyone a vote/voice that's heard fashion democracy (ie. you are reading this blog!)

How refreshing then to see a theme in CTFW that acknowledges how fashion lives and breathes in this city.  Nothing says Cape laid back chic louder than a soft flowing maxi dress trailing the sea breeze and catching just enough sun (and skin)...Nothing says fashionable more than tipping your designer hat to the women who give your creations new life. Democratic Fashion hitting CTFW. I can respect that. And yup, images courtesy Africa Fashion International.

Leigh Schubert
Thula Sindi

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