Friday, July 22, 2011

The Modern Makoti

Loving Bride Thembi Yabo (cntr) with Groom, Rocking Seshweshwe for the Modern Makoti. Photo Courtesy T. Yabo.

Can we pls talk about the hair? LUV!
Everybody knows wedding plans aren't really seriously underway until the dress design is picked and the bride is fitted. So let's discuss. Modern makotis still want to look chic during the traditional African ceremony. Dresses are becoming ultra-mod as makoti's take creative license and liberty, going more for a wow than granny's interpretation of a true seshweshwe--traditional Sotho--dress.

I see an opportunity for a new kind of Vera Wang. Someone well versed in an African woman's figure (ehmm, did someone say junk in my trunk?), who knows the difference between southern and northern sotho and can cut lace through their teeth (while sleeping nog maal!) Any takers?

In the meantime...lemme shine a light on our hot makotis that take matters into their own hands--and a capable tailor.

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  1. Talking about the hair. I know you wont believe me when i say i actually do the braids myself as my hair does not take too kind to other people's hands, except of course ma mama's hands, she's the onlt one thats tends to help me out especially at the back, as thats where the hands tend to get too tired too quickly. I use Yaki Bulk, The Sensational Brand. Thanx Magogodi!!!! :-)Thembi