Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Thinker...Thinking

The Thinker...Thinking from Wick Beaver's provocative Rodin-inspired show, 
Am in love all over again with Charlie Rose. From Iraq tough-gong on Broadway in the body of a Tiger impersonated by Robin Williams--a man stitched together in a fit of hysterics whose most recent work,  Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo begs nothing short of must-see classic--to dissecting pop culture (curtain raise of The Oprah Winfrey Show) with the intellectual precision of an open-heart New Yorker/New York Review of Books mash-up. How can anyone with even one live connected neuron not get off on such silly smart sweetness? (And btw--the NY leaning intellectual bent is noted and will surely stand corrected, Jozzie here we come, right?)

And Then? As a nod to the animated (and smart) interview of Anna Wintour on The Charlie Rose Show when Yves Saint-Laurent retired. As an acknowledgement of the intellectual beauty behind the lines of fine design. If you're a YSL fan, you want to see this interview. The beautiful photograph? Laurence Benaïm. Courtesy

And then there was Kelefa Sanneh, staff writer for The New Yorker. Sweet jesus even gotta love the way this man thinks. Loved watching his thoughts
possess him in passion across a static screen. And then to find out his dad was Gambia-born and mom is a white South African intellectual? Well...aint nobody said high humour+a fine mind don't come styled in fascinating packages--and I aint even getting started on Sanneh's post-modern intellectual wardrobe.

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