Sunday, January 9, 2011

Show Me Your UnMentionables-Vandaag!

Bantu Swimwear Leading The Camel To SurfTurf.  Image: The Fader.

Spent this afternoon eating literally the best bacon ever--I wanna die choking on its lard it's so good. Ironically, it's from a little Dutch spot called Vandaag, which means Today in Afrikaans as well as in no, shutup howjaknow? Dutch. Suppose too this was the day singled out to really live for vandaag. Wild animals stormed Union Square, some baring naked butts but the masses just flashing their unmentionables to all insight at the 2011 No Pants Subway Ride, a mission organized by Improv Everywhere.  +200 Kids heating things up in New York City's unforgiving 20F/31C frost, donning up to there thongs, thigh tight trunks, granny-bloomers, long preppy boxers and wobble with this jello-panties. It was a royal riot! 

In other news...Cape Town based lingerie line Ruby, really gives us something sweet to smile about.  My particular 2010 line softspot is the Wallpaper Gold on Black hosiery.  You'll also love the Beading Circle, brainchild of Founder/Designer Robyn Lidsky.  The Beading Circle uses local womens' traditional beading techniques in a contemporary, fashion-forward context.  Ruby just purchased a house in Makhaza, Khayelitsha, which will be used as a work hub for Beading Circle's women. And if you've yet to hear of the Africa-made line by Founder/Designer Yodit Eklund-- Bantu Swimwear--I'm hoping you're somewhere in the Sahara, leading another camel procession, seeking surfable seas and something sweet to smile about.

Hot Unmentionables, Ruby Lingerie Line, 2010. Image: 


  1. These pieces are off the hook. Must. Have.

  2. Tight Right? Me too, Lerato. I Like. I Like. We are really working hard to not only bring you good news from the fashion forward, but to also provide you an easy+fun one-stop shop to get these goods. Because Have You Must. Thanks for visiting--keep LIVING OUTLOUD!