Saturday, January 8, 2011

Que Bella, No?

Marpessa Dawn (L) and Lea Garcia in Black Orpheus/Orfeu Negro

Just saw I Vitteloni--The Great Federico Fellini just always delivers.  Am most moved by the final scene bout migratory birds, about searching... about wanting something more from life without knowing its name, just knowing that it will feel different. And the fashion--my god! It's hard to imagine Fellini ever made a movie without calculating wardrobe takes first. The furs, the dresses, the hair, the suits just so and what cinematography. It's mandatory to spread such magic.

In The Moment: Image from Federico Fellini's Amarcord

And If I speak of magic, how can I not write of Marcel Camus' Orfeu Negra/Black Orpheus? Ah...This is possibly the most beautiful movie ever made. Brazil meets Carnival meets Dresses to Die Wearing and Did I mention the Dresses? From simple, clean white summer frocks to figure hugging in pink. Everything a Standout. And romantic too, even if bizarre--Marpessa Dawn, who played Eurydice, and Breno Mello, Orpheus, died 41 days apart from one another in 2008, both from heart attacks. Que Imposible, no?  Just ogle and love every bit of these images--Enjoy Bellas!

A cool little gem for Fellini-inspired vintage pieces is Amarcord, named for the movie. Amarcord Vintage Fashion promises "European Vintage Clothing".  Prices definitely reflect the SoHo real-estate, but there is always something worth seeing, even if just to feed your eyes. They also have stores in ever hipster Williamsburg.

In the image at L, Lourdes de Oliviera reacts alongside lead actor Breno Mello, who played Orpheus. If you haven't seen this movie, you're living a little less than alive.

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