Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby Steps

Photo Courtesy M. Makhene
These hair accessories have popped up everywhere and i've realized how much baby-bandana jealousy i'm harboring because unlike mmotsa (above), i'm not very skilled rocking them. so, i thought i'd share some tips i've observed from her: 

  1. Wear it with a bang! hair bangs or some kinds of over the top/long/big hair
  2. Flowerpower is pretty powerfuless. Keep it to the weekend and casual getups. Simpler bandanas without the flower are better for most business meetings
  3. Rock It like you mean it. I always love seeing a crazy outfit worn with even crazier conviction. Just flash the Hi Haters smile at gawkers...
we so stupidly & unconditionally HEART this! Photographer unknown. 

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