Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bush Bling & Schier Shoes

What to wear in the Bush? Hottentot meets Afrikaaner-inspired Schier Shoes. Photos Courtesy Herbert Schier. 

I'm bushed!

City life is all about high heels, tailored shirts,designer bags and accessories to match it all! Invites are often sent with a very particular dress code and going to grab some milk on a saturday in track pants and no make up is often considered being brave. The only place where these rules don't apply is the bush! A recent trip to the Kruger National Park brought this point home. 
MADE in AFRICA! Safari Look and all. We HEART Schier Shoes refreshing take on the African bush. 

It's simple, your audience in the bush is completely different and the bush may also be one of the only places where you are not the center of attention. Game drives that start at 5am leave  almost no time for trying on different outfits let alone pamper sessions. Most of those on these game drives are actually interested in the animals and not your latest "I look thin and fabulous" attire.

The animals take up ALL the attention!

A leopard lazying on a tree caused so much traffic and commotion as everyone not only wanted to see this wild cat but take pictures galore as any respectable tourist will tell you.The up side to all this is even in a simple pair of shorts, a sun hat and shades, in the bush, this is considered dressed up.

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