Monday, June 20, 2011

Bootylicious Winter Shorts-A How To

Thank god its winter, I can finally wear my shorts...Yours Truly. 
Photo Courtesy Dammien Gounden
My mom says that I was a tiny baby but when I turned one out came the booty and hips!
So apart from when I was an infant, I have always had a more than generous helping of the derriere.
This coupled with my small waist means:
 a) finding clothes that fit me properly can be a problem and
b) certain clothes are a no go area! among these, white pants, super tight pencil skirts and of course shorts.

Every girl who is gifted in that area knows exactly what I'm talking about. In truth I have often found myself enviously staring at petite girls as they happily walk around in their shorts, scantily clad and all.
So imagine my delight when I realised that thanks to current trends, chilly Winter and stockings (yes stockings!) I can finally wear my shorts out.

I purchased a pair and wore them to friends party, quitely wondering what everyone would think of this display of booty. My motto for the evening was "stomach in, chest out" as I said my secret thank you's to my stockings that were keeping it all tucked in and should we say kosher!

By night's end I was, if only for that night, a petite girl walking around in my shorts, scantily clad. So, here's to southern hemisphere winter wonders (yes, it does get cold in Africa)--phat booty girls in shorts and all.


  1. Thanks Zham--happy winter shorts shopping/sporting. Send us a postcard of your royal awesomeness why don't you?

  2. Are u rocking them tonight? Me wanna em lol
    Kasi boi

  3. @Kasiboi, no boo not tonight! tonight imma splash out in red like Mrs. O--did you see our post on her visit koMzantsi? great stuff, no?

  4. Love it. What was your scheme behind the rest of that outfit?