Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Future Invention: How To

Latvia-based QooQoo Fashion. Them Tribal Boots! LUSTable

I've been on Etsy.

No, I mean, I've really been on Etsy. As in, my new ADD med slash facebook fix with a design dollop is a site dreamed up by the kids from my alma mater (Gallatin!) and one I'd senselessly spent years lampooning as grandma's adventures on the "internets. Etsy is the real deal. No shit. Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself. Rare antique Chinese calligraphy set for the man who has everything? Check. Butter tanned lamb leather sold at wholesale prices from an Eastern European country where Borat's brethren churn butter? Check.  And how about a handmade tulle feather-light skirt that's entirely from repurposed French lace curtains spanning, oh let's say the early 1900s? Bloody Check!
Honestly, the shit is unbelievable.
From MamaSheaShea's Shop. This Jewelry line is an absolute Must Watch. 


The real thing about Etsy that gets me though is just how inspiring the artisan craftspeople are. There is a return to the basic principle that you can create what you love that truly resonates, and there's a celebration of beauty as its beheld by each one that is enticing. Etsy is this magical little cobweb where everyone seems to believe something I just heard and love from entrepreneur/sex/life mogul Cindy Gallop (more on that soon) quoting ad man major Allen Kay:
"In order to predict the future, you have to invent it"

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