Monday, June 20, 2011

The African Take Over

Nigerian recording artist D'banj

Africa has long been recognised as the home of humanity and so naturally by way of logic the home of music too, no?

And yet we're living in the year 2011 and I can count on my hand the number of easily recognisble African artists on the world stage, the jury is still undecided as to whether Akon counts or not.

With the arrival of Mtv Base to African shores and Trace Tv playing African music on heavy rotation, African audiences have finally been exposed to what their brethren across the borders have to offer and it's nothing less than FIYAAAH!

June 17 saw Kanye West's G.O.OD. Music imprint sign D'banj (pictured) and Don Jazzy in a signing ceremony witnessed by Jay-Z and Kid-Cudi. (video below)

Could this finally mean the dawn of  a new age, where
Africa finally takes her rightful place on the worlds music stage?

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