Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blackberry Pics: It's a Different World

So while Paris fashion week has wound down all that remains are the tents reminding tourists and passers by of the luxury that has just left the building. The crisp brown leaves and puddles of rain signify the beginning of the end of yet another year. (insert bbm crying face)

The Popo doing their bit to keep the fashion safe

The PFW tents on Champs Elysees 
It was such a beautiful day....sike
No Really it was

And on the other side of the world it looked like this.....

Yes, that is in fact a leopard

No, that is not your typical African's backyard, but we do have some of the best darn game reserves in the world, HOLLER! Don't believe me, take a peek at the rest of these gorgeous creatures snapped by one of yours truly from the weekend.
Spot the odd tree out
I had no idea Zebras came in miniature size
The elusive double hump 5 legged Elephant was spotted

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