Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Under The Tuscan Sun: EuroThrifting Treasures

With Love. Photo Courtesy B. Shere.

Looking forward to trolling Firenze tomorrow again. Top 3 Musts:
1. Gelateria dei Neri yoghurt gelato
2. San Lorenzo & Piazza dei Ciompi Flea Markets 
3. more phregging Gelateria:)))

And be jealous--I scored the red little shirt in the middle for all of 0.50 Euros--the grey gorgeous dress in the right ran me all of 3 Euros.  KoKOFIFI Living in Europe babe--style does not cost a dime when you're born this way! lol, will post more on Italian's infatuation with all things design, including their love affair with my Accra-made hair...

Ciao Bellas
An Education: The Americans Taking Europe. Those Purple skinnies are from A.N.G.E.L.O. Nice! Photo M. Makhene.

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