Friday, July 1, 2011

Travel Chic

Kim.K covers up after a long flight with oversized shades
Why is it the best place to spot poorly dressed people is ALWAYS the aiport?


One would assume that all the travels might inspire people to atleast try put their best foot forward ,after all when the last time you saw a shabbily dressed person front a vacation ad?

Travelling in style is actually a lot easier than it sounds, and aeroplanes have made huge leaps and advances in the past 50 years, so there's really no need to bring your own snuggy or look like you just stepped off the set of an infomercial for one.

Do like Kim.K and Rihanna by following basic style rules, for a look that's as stylish as it is comfortable.

Nothing is as easy as a maxi dress in the summer heat, cool ,breezy and appropriate for any time of the day.

A pair of flats and a huge pair of glasses will keep your feet comfy and the shades will give your face an instant face-lift.

Rihanna knows the value of a chunky scarf and oversized coat
For a comfy and chic look in the winter, a scarf over just about any outfit, boots and chunky coat will spruce up your look instantly.

After all if you're going to be getting poked and prodded in all sorts of inappropriate ways you may as well look good doing it.

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