Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jumping Brooms--Nigerian Style

Gorgeous Color Display in Nigerian Wedding Captured in Destination I Do. Photo Courtesy, Christopher Duggan.
You may never have heard of Ouagadougou or Burkina Faso and forget about the Upper Volta (who can blame you?) but surely, saving-facingly, absolutely, you can redeem yourself by promising you know who African revolutionary hero and bonifide heart-throb Thomas Sankara is? Well, from the legendary Sankara clan comes another young lion roaring in talent and a revolutionary (read untired) take on modern Africa. Jean-Baptiste Sankara runs Kauri Media along with creative mind Aurelien Tanguep of Cameroon.  Kauri Media is a video and photography outfit that does beautiful African weddings on the East Coast archival justice.  If you getting married or have a fashionista Nigerian cousin (feel we all do, even if you not Nigerian somehow you got one of these, lol) shacking up, don't say I aint given you the 411...


  1. I love JB's work! esp the weddings. Been trying to convince him to let me 2nd shoot just so I can get in on the Nigerian love... ;)
    Get lost on his vimeo for a few hours:

  2. Thanks love, i know--this is really the most slaming wedding video i've eva seen. luv!