Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hi my name is ......and I'm a reality show junkie

Braxton Family Values

Question : Are reality shows the modern girls version of soap operas?

Answer : YES

One of my earliest memories of my grandmother is watching her take her daily soap opera fix from her beloved "The Bold & The Beautiful". During which time we all knew not to interrupt her for ANYTHING!

Cut to 2011 and I'm afraid to say I've inherited the "DON'T INTERRUPT ME WHILE I'M GETTING MY SHOTS IN" club, and there doesnt seem to be any end in sight with producers and channels seemingly determined to re-model the T.V landscape as we know it.

Shows like Braxton Family Values, Harlem Heights and Project Runway are leading the pack with millions of viewers glued to their screens weekly, not to mention the even guiltier pleasure shows Basketball Wives, Mob Wives and Love & Hip Hop.

Never to be outdone  Mzansi isn't far behind with some of their own shows with Running with the Reps, Nonhle goes to Hollywood and Bonang Matheba's B*Dazzled!

Well atleast God will know where to find me when he brings "the rapture".

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