Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Cheeky Story Nandos Brings The Spice. Can't Accuse Them of Anything Less. It's A Chicken Brand my non-SouthAfricans.

Being the country-brand ambassador I is, am always telling people their advertising/marketing campaigns suck and they are 500light years behind mzantsi, where the only reason to turn on the telly is the real inside story, ie. ad space, cuz let's face it--imported american sitcoms when you're craving something local suck and sabc soaps impersonating american sitcoms sucks even more. But those ads man! Remember the Woolies one, "Woolworths (cue music)...the inside story..." with Khanyi Dhlomo? so suave. And who has not laughed off their heinie cracking ju-ju jibes right along Nandos? Vodacom keeps bringing it. Remember the Gogo ads? Now this business, here--we've been having it! And watch out Vodacom, you're about to get Polka-dotted. Hilarious.
Ads Bite. campaign by . "The World’s First Trillion Dollar Advertising Campaign" by TBWA/Hunt Lascaris for Zim newspaper, The Zimbabwean. Photo Credit: sorry, dunno.

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