Monday, May 23, 2011


Color Blocking Power-Divas. LUV It!
Since moving to the united states of nyc and doing what every reasonable one of its citizens does to mark their true cultivation+civilization (ie. giving up t.v ownership), i've had a creeping loneliness surface-- Oprah deprivation! So, you can imagine my horror when i heard her announcement about ending the show--i mean, when she said those words out her mouth did she realize she hasn't interview yours truly yet? And there were supposed to be multiple shows--after all, interviewing a woman like me doesn't just happen nilly willy in a compressed sound bite segment. Ahhh....i'm sure there will still be girl-bonding opportunities, lol. Seriously though, I admire Oprah a lot and her story about the triumph of the human spirit still resonates with me, but i am always tickled by the ardent worship her fans never fail to show, mixed in with this strange I just met you but I love you more than life itself because I know everything there is to know about you Oprah zeal.

But you can't stop praying for even a sprinkle of Oprah's magic Oprah-ness, even if you're a citizen of this great nation of Manahatta. Go ahead, Live Your Best Life, (in an outfit that screams: I'm Alive)!

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