Monday, April 18, 2011

The Kidz Is Awllight

Getting Gothic City Glitz& Giddy. Courtesy: NYU Fashion Business Association

NYU is famous for many things. The school the Olsen Twins took on, right after the rinse and rise of Lady Gaga at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, the same said that gave you the likes of Matin Scorsese and let us not be remiss and forget the great Spike Lee...Mo'Better Blues/She's Gotta Have It/Inside Man/ ok spike i know good things come in small pkgs but this post is not about you...Malcolm X/Do The Right Thing...i mean it, it's not.
Hemma Collection by NYU Alums Cindy & Edna. Courtesy: Hemma Collection.
So, subject at hand. NYU--many things to many more but did you know it's also got a fashion fixation?  But just why NYU kids+fashion? Because they know business. Because they're educated in a global school and know how to speak to the confluence of that emerging language. But don't just buy my alumnus-souped up stump. Check out NYU Fashion Business Association's 2011 fashion show for yourself tomorrow. And be warned--these kids are serious. Eco-edged line Of Rags gear literally outfits development work in Ghana, where the pieces are produced. Of Rags founder is Branson Skinner, among other things this junior is an NYU Reynolds Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship--talk about slacking! Last time Class of '08 alums Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon showcased their kente-inspired Hemma Collection at the FBA's fashion show, they soon found their designs in an Essence spread and gasp! Vogue. Like I said--The kids are awl-light!

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