Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Headline: African Boy Rescues Cat!

Congolese HairStyles. From Afroklectic

The best Blogs capture something at the essence of our cultural zeitgeist today--everyone the creator, user/producer. It's liberating and all-consuming to be able to dive into and be eaten whole by so much information. It's also an intoxicating, heady and powerful idea that (almost) anyone can tell their story. Just think, in under a 100 years, we've moved from most of us not being able to read someone else's take on our story to being the authors of that story ourselves. Hallelujah!
Mirian Kihongo by David Yea
And I'll throw in an Amen! when all 900 million Africans are participating in this telling of our tales; when a panel discussion titled, "Africa Beyond the Headlines" is redundant and an empty catch-phrase, given the deluge of competing, off-headline and contradictory information we'll be bombarded with. When was the last time you came across this one, "African 7-year old Rescues Stray Cat from his Tree Garden", LoL...When will that day come?

Some inspiring Afrocentric blogs giving first take on their own African story: AnotherAfrica
Afroklectic; Heritage1960; Marian Kihongo Am moderating a conversation tonight, Africa Beyond The Headlines. Join if you can, 45 E. 69th Str.


  1. that day will come once people like you think cats are worth saving...;)

  2. LoL! Got me so good. So yes that day will come but unfortunately not quiet the latter:) Rolling over in stitches, cat queen...