Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mississippi Microphone Might

Country Classic--You Should See This Chick Move, I mean, "Swurve". Genesis Be. Courtesy: Listenin Pictures.

So when was the last time you showed up at a spot and all the DJ blasts was female HipHoP? Matter of fact, can you name three, just three top charting women MCs on the billboards today? Got you stumped, right? If you believe that Lady Gaga was born that way, then you also have to believe there is a monster-load of talented women who choose spitting as their poetry and as Adelle puts it--have the chops to "make music for ears". So Adele-dazed right now. And with that I give you Genesis Be ladies and gentleman. Straight-up Southern Girl-Queen ripping the mic to shreds and dishing it up deep fried Mississippi style with church choir-laced inspiration (killer track: Strive Till I Rise) and dirty-South country raw tunes--try listen to Swurve without a gyrating hip-curve. Just try! Genesis rocked the Casbah tonight at Katra, where we celebrated her album release, Mississippi to Manhattan. and right back to this Mississippi microphone Might. Genesis--Numero Uno--Word?

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