Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Room to Read the Beautiful

A Legendary American First--Ruth St. Denis in Costume. She Shaped Dance.
Image: New York Public Library Archives.


Have been thinking of you. How Goes?

And what are you subsisting on to feed that beauty-thirst?

Highly recommended-reroute your trip to include at least one of these pit-stops next time you're in nyc...

You'll thirst no more. 



btw--working on something lovely & luscious for you. details soon, thanks for
stopping by...
Wanna Play The Guessing Game? Image: Dustin Spengler. 

A Clue--An Investment Bank. 
Construction of A Reading Room. 
Down The Hall...Same Reading Room. Okey, Okey. Clue--Sex & The City.  Image: Skunkworks Photography.
Guadeloupean Woman at Ellis Island. Loving that Turban! Image: NYPL Archives.

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