Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bella MiraBella su Umbrella

Vogue August 2010. Battling The Elements In A Fierce Rodarte Dress & Armored With Umbrella.

Duke of Windsor in Bhopal, 1920. Is it possible his tailor lived in Williamsburg before Billyburg even realized it was to be? LoL...LOVE the tailoring on those pants. Not so sure about the overt power play Image: TheLondonLounge.





New York has gone London on us in huge gulps of grey coming down all day. What's a girl to do?  What to weather in shi(f)ty weather?  Color or something cheerful? Something flattering on the feet or one of those gumboot wellie sink or swim numbers? And of course, the perfect umbrella. Which is something of an oxymoron isn't it, since the root Latin comes closer to shade--something you needed in sunny weather--than something that fully encapsulates raindrops?

Vintage Lace Parasol. Great Finds at Bella Umbrella. 
Did you know those nifty little often black things are over four centuries old, dating back to the ancient civilizations of the fertile crescent and beyond? They became popular in Europe only around the 16th century, long after the Chinese had already perfected the collapsible umbrella, makes you wonder how our English friends were getting on in London before the 16th century don't it? James Smith & Sons opened the first shop exclusively carrying umbrellas in 1830 and if you're really serious about this article, go check them out yourself where it all began, at 3 New Oxford Street in London, England.  And if you're really taking this umbrella thing to heart, why not go the Italian way with a handmade Pasotti Ombrelli design?  Or maybe you're a dreamer like me and would much rather stand under a vintage parasol from Bella Umbrella?  Either way, You Can Stand Under My Umbrella-ella, eh-eh-eh. It's raining!

P.S. Bella Mirabella is indeed a lovely lady's name. And she is actually beautiful, not to mentions how much i'm in love with that name. Bella Mirabella. Ah! Now there's a soulful song for a rainy day...(heart Rhianna too)

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