Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Courage In The Heart: Celebrating Women

Nudity/Bathing/As I Am. Zanele Muholi, Self-Portrait, 2005. The South African Artist's Provocative Work Peels Society Back to its Raw Essence, Challenging Assumptions About African Queer Life.
Leaves Everything Emotional Bare.
Annie Escobar PhotographyListenIn Pictures for
Courage In The Heart, BRAC Bangladesh. 
Nothing says effortless style quite the same way as nudity.  There is something still and disarming about allowing yourself to be naked to your very human vulnerabilities, to possibilities and to life itself. This is not a kinky post. Far from it. This is a story about what happens when we shed defenses and allow ourselves to be naked to our own power. This is a story about courage and having the fearlessness to face the ugliest parts of yourself so you can see and be the most beautiful. It's about the kind of KoKOFIFI Women--be they from Bangladesh or from Burkina Farso--who teach us how to do this, so effortlessly, so selflessly, so beautifully. It's about having enough Courage In the Heart to find yourself and be that self, Naked but Clothed in the kind of translucent light fashion forever finds itself chasing. 

We're CELEBRATING The POWER of WOMEN along with the rest of International Women's Day Today. 


  1. And i just said this outloud myself--BEFORE seeing this comment;)