Tuesday, March 8, 2011

B Bold. B Brilliant. B Beautiful.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Brilliant....Be ME!
Image: Accra(dot)Alt. 

All this creative entrepreneurial energy has me pumping inspiration straight outta my blood.  Straight Up. Going through  last month's notes got me all excited all over again about the amazing work young Ghanains are doing. Take filmmaker Mantse and his ReDD Kat Pictures crew. LOVE the engine red intensity of their color, boldness of thought+design and the undertone of rawness in their pics.  He shot a sweet short ahead of the first Africa World Cup in South Africa, 2010 and is currently working on a feature that will leave your head spin with its roaring nerve...we'll post details when he drops it.
A Shot from  Jaye Davidson's Academy Nominated The Crying Game. Image Courtesy of Accra(dot)Alt.


Then there's Ghana's original rudebouy, Surreal Nana. Primary influence apart from all things inebriating? Dali. Salvador Dali and pretty much all things surreal...thus the name, get it? LoL...

Seriously though, his commercial stuff is early, but his talent is not. Nana is taking every sick thing he learned training rats to do fun stuff in the lab (he's a biochem) and applying it to an acrobatic re-imagination of fantastical urban-wear.
 LOVING the new school redo of old school classic Keds.

Last, def LOVE the collaborative work of Accra(dot)Alt. Self described, "To express /To create, to dare (to be) brilliant/To inform, to persuade to involve others in this dynamic process ...artistic expression. Are you also different, uncharacteristically other and proud to be so?"  

Need I say more?

At L, ReDD Kat Pictures doing their thing--Director Mantse is in white hat, Image Courtesy of Jamana Karbo.

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