Sunday, February 27, 2011

Turning Heads: Qatar Turbans, SePedi Scarves & Fashion Statements

Qatar Royalty: Sheika Moza, Second Wife to the Emir of Qatar. This Woman Gets Fierce. LOVE how she reinterprets a fashion moment to her definition of style and how she wears glamour without overexposed navels+bits. So Alluring!
Vogue Nippon March 2011.
The barrista at uber-hip coffee shop in Hells Kitchen, Culture Espresso Bar, had the absolute hippest turban on--told me it took her more than an hour to complete the splendid contraption.  Honestly, as an African, it was a shock that something so taken for granted would require that intensity of love labor +pins. How many African women do you imagine spending more than 10 minutes tops to get a headscarf perfect? But it did make me think about the universality of headscarfs and turbans as a fashion statement. I'm loving what some bold divas are doing to redefine the look and zap some modern girl glitz to a time-old up-do.

Image at L?  Just Because. Raquel Zimmermann channeling desert inspiration for Vogue March 20011 Nippon.
Tradition. Winnie Malapela on Her Wedding Day. Always Been in LOVE with Pedi Women's Grace & Style Flair. 

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