Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make Me IT

The Chosen Zulu: IT Chick Noni Gasa Sporting South African Flag (nice!) for Vogue Italia. Gotta Love em Italians...
Last week i showed up at a panel discussion with a yawn-inducing title--something about legal forms (urg!) but i am so glad i went because i got to support my rock-star friend superstar lawyer to social entrepreneurs, Keren G. Raz. Seeing her do her thing made me feel like a proud mom, but also got me thinking about the concept of brand-creation and how being/becoming IT happens to good girls. If you buy the idea that you are a brand, then how do you cultivate that brand and not waste your brand equity on cheap commodities? Ok, the finance lingo makes me want to gag too, but seriously, haven't you ever wondered how IT girls are made? 
American Vogue's Annointed: Pop Magazine Editor in Chief Shala Monroque & Designer Jason Wu.This IT Girl's Style Always Leaves me Hyperventilating for more--Those Turbans Do Me Special Girl-Crush Damage. LOVE!   


I mean, was Garance Dore minding her chores eating Roquefort cheese with honey (picked up a mean smoked Gouda today BTW--def death by dairy for me tonight) when the MAKE IT Style Committee sent her a note of acceptance? Or is being IT just a manner of being?  A certain self-knowing and affirming cockiness that tells you its your business if you out-dress the theatrical cast at their show (i did last nite, hee hee), eat Jungle Oats for dinner and get prudish around too much skin (insert very IT South African Zulu Girl Noni Gasa who does not want to see your untanable body parts).  I like to think that it's the latter, that being IT is owning IT and knowing when to let out that lace-clad animal spirit you keep covered inside.

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