Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taking Back The Mother. Ship-GHANA Baby!

Kofi Ansah. Seriously, So Feeling Them mod mud cloth Leg Warmers. 
Must.Have! Drool. Image: Reuters.

So, incredible things are happening all over the african fashion map. Today marks the launch of The Young Designers Association of Ghana. Flygirl Dedo Azu is part of the miracle team sprinkling ashanti-gold glamour all over us. And we so LOVE. IT. Along with Kofi Ansah, design superstar and mastermind of the association. Take back that mothership, case you're lost to the title, i'm reading Lose Your Mother by Saidiya Hartman. Hot Shift-ing. Nuff said.
Monkey See. Monkey Do. 


  1. I would so rock that dress on top ITS HOT.. without the crazy leg warmers


  2. LoL! Am in LOVE with all things crazy i guess. Could so see you rocking that:)