Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ghana. Long sticky nights, cacophenous activity and street lights where you can get fitted in the perfect size 9 men's shoes, a proper hair cut and supper--all before the light changes.  I'm posting from the motherland the next couple days and will have some really hot stuff to drop, so don't miss out.

Sending you Lipstick Jungle Kisses (at least i'm in the tropics:)...

At L, Ghanaian-Nigerian designer Titi Ademola.

Fun Fact:

Ghanaians are encouraged to wear tradition-inspired clothes to work on Fridays, in support of Made in Ghana gear. Thing is Chinese cheap good have been brutal to the local textile industry, which is centuries old but cannot compete with the Chinese. So, wear something celebrating your heritage on Fridays to show your pride and support Made in Ghana. I like. I like.  

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