Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gunius: Steve Jobs' Dent

Genius is like a raindrop that remains an individual spark even as it enters an ocean, even as it's swallowed by surrounding waters and becomes part of the sea. Somehow, this little raindrop miraculously manages to give off reverberating ripples of itself as it rides new waves which carry it further ashore. True genius is near impossible. How can you send ripples through an ocean while riding a wave that swallows you? You can't. That's why genius is genius. It is a rarity, an anomaly against the best estimation of possibility. In music, a name such as Charlie Parker or Miles Davis may be equated to genius. In political intellectual agility, Nelson Mandela or King Chaka Zulu. Steve Jobs is undoubtably the design genius of our times. His life's ripple was so far-reaching, its hard to imagine life's ocean ebb not drawing his name in the sand with every fresh tide.

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