Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colour Coded

I just read something about how something approaching ochre is (thankgod) swallowing the grey parade of London pre-Fashion Week streets and becoming a thing, also known as a trend.  Get's me thinking about what it is exactly about a hue/saturation/intensity of light expression that can elicit such a depth of emotional response. Why, for example, do I find Indian fuchsia/burnt orange and bull-charge red such an alluring and seductive combination? Why do warm colors pick up my mood and yellow guarantee me a smile? And why is pewter so damn ugly my body contorts in horrific fits at its mention?

There's something so personal and intimate about our perception of and relationship to colour. It's probably no mistake that one of the first ways we organize our tribes as children is befriending those with similar favorite colours to ours. I still have not fully forgiven the second grade chick who tried to tell me pink+blue were not compelling combos. Yeah? I barked back, and what exactly have you got going for you? Pink and Yellow! I demanded...Pink AND Yellow! Now how am I gonna listen to a girl that don't even get the whole matching colours business? Since when did yellow and pink match?

But, that's it right there. It's not about matching, and it certainly is not about an external aesthetic. It really is personal and inside you. The colors that speak to you have nothing to do with anything other than how cozy/happy/crazy you feel in their embrace. Now colour me orange already. and pink and red and a dash of yellow on the side...

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And Hey, this is English--colour so has a u!

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