Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Model Mania--KoKOFIFI Party

Our LOVE Inspiration: Riku + Total Big Deal Amita Swadhin. Check Out Amita's Very Deep & Powerful Work, Undesirable Elements: Secret Survivors. 

This weekend KoKOFIFI hosted a Thank You party for all the models and photographers who made the KoKOFIFI photoshoot in January the love fest it was. The party was a blitz of gorgeous women (+men:), gargantuan glorious cheeses and giddy giggles. There was so much life lived outloud, love and friendship holding that room up...i honestly wish i could bottle that good and give it to you wrapped in organza ruffles and silk ribbons. Short of that tho, i give you this photo-fest...stamped all over with ListenIn Pictures footprints.

More to Come...Including a Full Reveal of the Dedo Azu Design I Rocked...But you're gonna have to Find+Like us on Facebook to get an inside Scoop...Hugs!
My Boyz! LOVE these Men.
With ListenIn Pictures Co-Founders Annie + Ethan. BTW--He Chopped Her Tresses Too...Mad Talent, Right? 

Style Icon: Plotting & Scheming A Closet Raid Here...
Cannot Get Enuf of The Nate Fashion Knack.


  1. Giddy giggles...gargantuan glorious cheeses...and the image of everything wrapped up in ruffles and ribbons makes me feel like I was there. I can just see it all...right down to the organza. :-)

  2. @Keren--Nice! And yeah, you so were there:)

  3. @ALE--and me you Love. Seriously!

  4. awwww, so much love! so glad riKu and i were there with all of you :)

  5. @Amita--And so glad i finally got to meet him!