Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smile! Annie Shoots

The Magic Gorgeous Genie Comes Out To Play: Annie Escobar & Ethan Goldwater. Image: Annie Escobar.

In case you haven't heard--where you been?--we are in the middle of KoKOFIFI's first and ever so exciting photoshoot, in NYC! Friday morning was an absolute dream. The shoot was spectacular. 18F. Colder than hell froze over into a crippled cruella. Four girls--two very sexy scientists and two strong seductive sisters.  and Annie. Ah! Sunshine streams in her footsteps. Beautiful Annie Escobar. You have never met a photographer with more life hunger, with a more intoxicating and disarming smile and with eyes that could fire up the sun. She worked the girls into a giggling gala and whipped the set into a fierce frenzy... cantonese window ducks swaying in the breeze, silk french scarfs singing to the wind, bright bold dresses dancing chinatown still. She makes it look so easy and sexy and so damn fun! including working seamlessly with her partner, Ethan Goldwater.

Image: Annie Escobar. Bangladesh, 2010.
Face Power. Escobar for BRAC:Bangladesh, 2010

And the girl's got game. Her photo firm, Annie Escobar Photography is about so much more than just fashion shoots (hey, we ain't judging). I'm talking powerful stories of social change that pack a punch without taking cheap shots of starving Africans and healthy animals. So refreshing! I'm talking about hot stuff like the short she shot and produced for BRAC, the largest NGO in the world.  The film will soon air as a commercial on Hulu. Watch Out Now.

But Oh! Friday was definitely a morning i will long remember. And we get to do it again tomorrow. Are we not the luckiest chicks, eva? Don't worry, we got you too.  I will definitely post some teasers asap and of course, we'll have to introduce you to some of our ever so hot models.

Living the Dream. Loving. Oh! So Outloud.

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