Sunday, January 16, 2011

Give Yourself Permission to Peform, non-PC.

The Weather Our Models Would Have Preferred...KoKOFIFI Co-Founder (L) Doing Girlfriend w/e in Durban, SA.
Wrapped up our ultra-sublime photo shoot this evening working with some of the fiercest and fabulous-est women alive. Check this, our crew included two science PhD women, a handful powerhouse businesswoman, a social entrepreneur who founded a secondary school, Bakhita, for girls in Tanzania and the woman i'm putting my money on as America's future (did i hear first?) Madam President. It was potent power meets sophisticated cool meets understated sexy meets some serious love+beauty all day served buffet style and let me tell you i never stopped to breath i gorged on so much KoKOFIFI Fierce Factor. 
KoKOFIFI's photo shoot today was an absolute confirmation of what we believe--Give Yourself Permission to Live Outloud.


  1. nice pic! this is like the reservoir dogs image for fashionistas!!! stone cold!

  2. Not sure what the reference is there, j21. but thanks for checking out the blog and finding it nice. Nice!