Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop What You Love.

Some Birds Feathers Are So Bright...Define Your Personal Style. Image: Drum at Durban July, 2010.

So, you spent all of last night oggling star looks at the Golden Globes last night and all this morning diligently debating--on company time no less--who looked fiercest and why. Let me weigh in--love the deep green grass Monique Lhuillier frock Catherine Zeta-Jones rocked. Also, adore J-Los pink bird Marchesa number she flew to the afterparty wearing. The thing that's really on my mind tho is how do girls like us bring that decadent glamour to our daily dress?  Thought I'd share three simple pointers about how to keep it fresh and clean and you:
Keeping It Fresh & Clean: Robyn Cooke of StyleGuide. Image: StyleGuide.

Shop What You Love, Not What You Want. resist clogging your look with cheap thrills or fast finds. approach everything like fine art. would that dress on your bedroom wall inspire every morning?

It Really Is All About You. forget fashion trends and what magazine/blog editors tell you (including this one) you should love/want. you know your naked body in the dark w/o the mirror. focus on that. ask yourself--does this flatter me? my shape, my size? not the model/mannaquin its hanging on?

Build Your Boutique. i always remember this woman who walked into a room with the crazy hottest shoes i'd seen all season. they were dynamite! but working our eyes up her body was painful. someone wondered outloud if the shoes were on loan from a fashionista friend. the shoes were wearing this woman, she was not rocking the shoes. don't be that woman. upgrade your lookbook. bold buys+elegant standards should always add something fresh to your personal boutique.


  1. refreshing to see these unsung looks.

  2. @j21. Ja, ne! I try to keep it fresh. Glad you like, j21.