Monday, December 19, 2011

Modern Makoti

Bride's Sister Tess Rocking the Swazi getup.
We like this little kick we're on with African weddings and things. And we like that you like it. And we like especially the evolving take on the traditional wedding, before the big white cake dress day. There is something so beautiful and glorious about a bride in her traditional garb, both her own and that which her newly acquired family dresses her in (we do it two times baby!). Surrounded by family and friends all clad in their traditional attire, she looks and is African royalty on that day as she observes and performs the required rituals. Rituals which she knows were performed by her mother, grandmother and generations of women in her family, rituals which will solidify her place as a makoti, a new bride for the in laws.Beauty in a box, I tell you. As in a thick, creamy amasi box. post by mmotsa

Bashful Bride Daphne in Traditionalwear by Bridget Mashile. How happy is hubby? 

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  1. Like Love oh its great to be African!Brigette