Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Origin of Beauty: Ethiopia

Courtesy Raven & Lily. 

Ethiopia seems to seldom disappoint supplying us things (and people!) of inordinate beauty.  I am thinking of the sumptuous cup of something black and very Ethiopian I sipped from addicts' heaven, Blue bird. I am also thinking of the enchanting line of jewelry Raven & Lily (how cool is that name? Raven & Lilly. Lilly & Raven) sourced from Ethiopia. Being the soft sucker i am, love Raven & Lily even more for working with women artisans in countries like Ethiopia and India, for making modern must-have jewelry that brings Ethiopian women's stories of love, struggle, life and good coffee closer to our ears and thankfully chic necklines! To Ethiopia, with love.

Making Pretty Pieces. Raven & Lily. 

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