Monday, September 19, 2011

Handmade w/LOVE: Pretty & Practical

Photo Courtesy, Momchil-Hristov. Stolen from the inspiring gentlemen's (and admiring ladies) blog,

A perfect Sunday probably includes discovering a vintage treasure in an unlikely boutique at a smug-inducing smile along with making something  creative, something that leaves even me unexpectedly delighted by what a bit of time and imagination can weave together. Most people who've deep dived into embracing fashion have some kind of D.I.Y (no shame in asking, it means do it yourself...had no clue forever even as i found myself fumbling through dyi projects, without any pretty manuals!) distorted dna about them, and it usually does not stop simply with beading a cool necklace around their neck.

I love the sassy wave of craft that's come alive through blogazines as hip as P.S. I Made This and Make Grow Gather--the fly chicks behind these blogs prove only what is already proven as an infallible truth:
today's crafts and creative projects are all about the even more self-satisfied than shopping smug that comes with making something pretty, practical and pretty phreggin modern! Something grandma would think you bought in a store and love you even more for, knowing you made it the old fashioned way and with a touch of something sassily spelling by hand and with love. Now if you'll excuse me, Make Grow Gather's guru in residence Kelley Wilkinson has a sweet little book out that I need to attack with abandon--will not rest tonight until achieving nirvana through a smug, i-made-that Look of superiority!

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