Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ma Cherie! I Missed You

An African Ballet: Ninon Shoes Image Courtesy Ninon Shoes.

It's been a summer of crazy travel, hurricane heartthrobs (hello Irene) and a piece of mind (goodbye no reception zones)
Oh! I have missed you so...and I have twiddled my time twirling fantasies and fairy tales about fashion divas in white blazers, plain green fields to run through and hand-stitched leather swan lakes of fall color bags to dive into. In other words, I wrote you a fashion love song, and it begin with a shortlisted few favorite creatives & their pretty little things:

Ninon Louw is the bright bold creative behind Ninon handmade shoes, entirely created and loved to perfection in Cape Town. Mzantsi Fosho!

To know Enyinne is  Love Inspiration Alive. She is nothing short of tall insistent sips of sun. And intoxicatingly Nigerian! Her blogazine Heritage1960 is already a fashion chic's first Go-to.

The Fierce Nigerian Beauty Enyinne Owunwanne Launches this Fall. She has me and the likes of Arise Magazine's salivating already...Image Courtesy Arise.

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