Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Phreggin Do It

The Beautiful Greek Australian Zandie in Pea-Green,
Being The Change in Italy, the Tuscan Way,
Photo Courtesy, Caitie Goddard.
Yours Truly, Walking the Florentine Street Runway. 
Photo Courtesy, Caitie Goddard
Another beautiful day in Tuscany, surrounded by beautiful minds dedicated to lives of meaning. I am so inspired by not only the lessons being shared here by the Global Volunteer Network Be The Change team, but also by the inspiring life stories and ideas & passions shared by program participants.

Be The Change is a 5 day getaway bootcamp that gives you the tools (and time off!) to dive deep into living outloud in true style--by being a catalyst for change in your community.

It's an inspiration board
It's a toolbox shed
And it's a moment of silence for yourself
To finally give yourself the permission to Just Phreggin Do It.

Live. Love, Outloud!

Photos here by the talented Caitie Goddard.

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