Monday, June 13, 2011

African Wedding Wonder

The Wedding Dress Was Hand-Painted & Inspired by A Butterfly Design. 
Not to Mention the bride's beauty. 

Colorful Guests Arriving.

When an African Butterfly Princess marries, she begins by spreading the kind of beauty only the likes of Ms. KG are born with. She sprinkles in the kind of flair and bold embrace of color only the African horizon shines and then she leaves us salivating in awe at such a marvelous display of tradition enlivened for today. My girlfriend from high school held her traditional Tswana ceremony a few weeks ago in South Africa. The custom--
Hlapiso ya Magadi-- is an age-old honor joining two families through the exchange and celebration of the bride's wedding dowry. Kgomotso was a wonder to behold and knowing the woman she is, this wedding is the mark of many wonderous years to come. Congratulations Ms. KG!

All Photos Courtesy Kgomotso.
Traditionally-dressed Xhosa Guest


  1. whoopp whoopp! Congrats KG & Odwa!!!!

  2. Indeed! Quite the dashing couple and picture of modern mzantsi love. We LUV!