Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Labor of Lust

It's official. SPRING! And so my wunderlust begins for all things floral and mad-kanga-inspired designs and something sparkly that's all brazen bling and indomitably bubbly.  So, my spring-splashup infinite playlist goes something like this:

1. Anything Boxing Kitten/Suno (left) /Dedo Azu Designs + Dolce&Gabbana Spring Collection

2. Madhuri Parson Peacock Ring. Madhuri Parson:Thou Art LOVE! (btw, she's gorgeous! and a sixth generation Indian jeweler. That's on point.
3. Balmain Studded Lambskin Jacket + Pearls (of course!)--i string

Image: Getchaown goddamVogue americana already! pg. 485, March 2011. While you're at it, let me know what you make of the high profile tongue in cheek+ curiously timed article on Syria's First Lady. Shout Out to Damascus--Am Dying to go...And guess who's on the cover of Vogue americana April 2011? Yup, Rhi-Rhi...

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  1. Is this the jacket you were talking about?