Thursday, March 17, 2011

The K in Kool--Meet KoKOFIFI Women

KoKOFIFI Woman Jerryanne Heath, The Businesswoman CEO & Creative Energy of Conceptlink.

KoKOFIFI Woman Kelsey Montague, The Artist. Fine Art Illustrator & Inspirer, KelseyMontague

The KoKOFIFI Woman has arrived. She is having her moment but in truth, it is always her moment. She captures attention as much for what she utters as what she is without speaking.

She is a creative force re-imagining the world as it should be. She is light catching a room at dusk.
She is water's movement outlining the grace of a swan taking to shore. She is the force of lightening that travels the many worlds she does.

She is Africa. She is New York, Johannesburg, Accra Nairobi. She is KoKOFIFI.
So Fierce. So Loud/Proud.
And so Alive. 

Meet more KoKOFIFI Woman at our boutique website,

KoKOFIFI Woman Kgomotso Mogatwe. The Swag Beauty Queen with IT Savvy. Businesswoman.

KoKOFIFI Woman Amita Swadhin. The Change Agent. Activist/Speaker/Thinker/Survivor.

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