Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland

The White Witch of Narnia. Image: Karl Turley.

We woke up behind a magic wardrobe today, replete with talking snowmen who led us to little snow men lining the white carpet of Madison Square Park.  Alaskan huskies leapt for their wagging tails, beckoning for more turkish delights, which I'd secretly sewn into the hem of my fur-trim coat.

Of course, the city awakened in the light and spell cast by the grande white witch, who is beautiful to behold and queen of the wonderland. It was magic, today. Really magic. A moment stolen from a perfect childhood, holed up all day with The Chronicles of Narnia and other C.S. Lewis delights. A reminder of the impossibility of life, bursting with beauty and winters of wonder. 

If you have not been outside in the snow yet, There's an entire secret garden awaiting you.  Why are you still reading this?

Night White Winter Blossoms. Image: Misahiro Miyasaka. 


  1. I love your writing!!!!!!!!!!!!! The apple is beautiful write now, she painted a great picture if youre not in new york right now...

  2. SingSong, THANK YOU. I'm so glad you are taking in the beauty of the city and thrilled you're visiting our blog. More of the same please:)