Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Song of Myself of Girl Crushes & Leggings of Nude

Beyonce Whips Out The Stud Leggings for House of Dereon
18th Century Native American Leggings, Reproduced by Ubercool History
Buff Company Zender Dale Arts in Lake Superior, Michigan. LOVE.
Like most women, I think about what I'll wear a lot. It's not just the big Aha! Cinderella dresses, it's an everyday conversation.  Do i want to look domineering or playful or both? Does this dress spell out easy-going+approachable? Or am i not relaxed enough with this crow-like bow crowning my head? Does it scream too much i worked at this perfect i so don't care look for 4hrs before hitting the bathroom upon arrival and re-arranging it for another hour and not enough wow girl, could you style me too?

And because of this ongoing internal exchange, I live making mental notes on bold beautiful looks that work despite trend dictates and also, noting women (and men) who truly understand the art and thread of a strong but subtle sartorial statement. Growing up, this was really my mother and her gaggle of girlfriends. I remember one of her most fashion-forward friends coming over in nude leggings before fashion insiders discovered even the word legging. I was so engrossed in my nude legging girl-crush, I fumbled through lunch staring at her legs. Everyone must have been mortified, but i was none the wiser, completely infatuated with this rare bird of style. So then, here, a song of myself--"And nothing, not god, is greater to one than one's self is/ I hear and behold god in every object/ yet understand god not in the least/Nor do I understand who there can be more wonderful than myself/Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)", Ah! Whitman:)  For such women, like my childhood girl crush, and their romantic epitome of style, i sing a song of myself.

Owning It. LOVE the 21st Century Remake Of A Classic. Native American
Legging/Boots Revisited At The National PoW-WoW. Image: Smithsonian

Nice! Fun Randoms: Leggings

Native Americans wore buckskin leggings to protect bare legs and stay warm. The leggings were made from soft animal skin or cloth and often sported crazy cool beadwork/ painting/show'em your stuff designs. Men tied them in place with garters, women rocked leggings too, but skipped the garters. Cowboys adopted this look on the range.

American soldiers were styling in leggings from the Revolutionary War, through War War II! Seriously, leggings protected you from dirt/mud/ anything that could undermine your hot ankle. Militaries dropped this look when combat boots became an irreversible+
irresistible trend with troops, in like, the 1960s!

Celts been rocking this look since the Roman Empire, when trews were in vogue, with separate pieces for each leg. Matter of fact, Romans nicknamed our Highland Celtic bros "long trousered philosophers." Bet you ain't knowed that. Yup! You been schooled.

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