Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Psychadelic Rollercoaster

Indulge Me (Not) Tonight: Something From My Ship-wrecked Art Portfolio.
I live in nyc. In many ways, my life is a dream. A blur, a vision of moving parts entangled in stolen moments, flights of giggles, traces of disappointment and dealing with life. Everything is revved up, more fierce, more action, more to do than you can do, more eyecandy than you can gorge.  I live in a whirlwind, in a blitz of psychadelic roller-coasters jutting against each other at full-throttle speed. Right now, I need a moment of silence, a prayer, a refuge from the impulse to indulgence. I need yoga. Dedicating my practice tonight to you, dear reader (was always spooked by that title, LoL).  But seriously, hope you take something of substance for your soul from the gorgeous hedonistic gluttony that can be fashion.

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