Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love. Life & Style w/ A Gentleman

MaGents--Bongani,L, Floyd & Elias at a Jozzie Fashion Week show in Kliptown, Soweto. Notice Elias' brown sweather--too sick. And ironic. That style very much mirrors old prisoner garb in South Africa. Nelson Mandela probably wore something just like that against Robben Island winters. And these gents aint even from Williamsburg! Image: Times Live, 2007.
Have you ever considered that us girls are drawn to this whole androgynous agape thing masculanizing everything fashion right now because we just can't get enough of that rare bird--a good man? ( a hard to find, LoL...if you like bite, check out Flannery O'Connor's short story by the same name. My all time favorite though is Good Country People). I mean, what's more alluring than a true, dapper oldschool gentleman who remembers the littlest and zaniest things about you, like why you're drawn to Flannery O'Connor--whose characters always end up floating dead and caught unawares in some bucolic Southern ditch; like how long it really takes you to get ready after the outfit has been chosen (the night before); a gentleman who appreciates your second grade sense of humor with absolutely no judgement (truth be told, his is probably remedial 1st grade) and who knows how to mix just the right hot toddy to make you smile after an exhausting day? Ok, so maybe you don't got that, or maybe you just don't believe in the whole hollywood americana love is a cottoncandy day at the beach after chatting with the parrots at the zoo kindda thing. But, how about a tip of that sexy androgynous hat you're wearing to that gentleman of note, your father, brother, cousin, uncle, friend, your lover or your other, who teaches you in the smallest life moments (your very own merry unbirthdays) how you really deserve to be treated, who makes you live alive with the possibility of life and who schools you with quite assertive swagger, the true meaning of style, of dapper...a gentleman of note.

Pitti Uomo Fall/Winter 2011 kicked off in Florence yesterday. Make sure the gentlemen in your life oggle something nutritious for their style palette this week at The Sartorialist. Selfishly, am in love with Black/White/Red posted yesterday. But seriously, here's to the Gentleman.

I love this car! A beautiful vintage Jag that coughs steady as she goes and rides bumpy like a caravan. My cousin's car.  Someone who like this car, is a true old soul and naturally, a dapper gentleman of note and equal swagger.

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